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Employee monitoring for productivity, data security and compliance

Go beyond basic employee monitoring with data-backed behavior analytics that provide actionable insights for productivity, data security and compliance.
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Teramind Features

Maximize Workplace Security with Teramind: Essential for Business Protection

Teramind delivers the critical insight needed to ensure your workforce remains productive and compliant, while safeguarding your company's most valuable data against insider threats. By implementing Teramind, businesses can proactively detect and prevent potential security risks, making it an essential tool for maintaining operational integrity and protecting against data breaches.
User Activity Monitoring: Tracks user actions across applications and websites.
Data Loss Prevention: Prevents sensitive data from unauthorized access or leaks.
Insider Threat Detection: Identifies potential threats from within the organization.
Behavior Analytics: Analyzes user behavior to detect anomalies.
Compliance Management: Ensures adherence to industry regulations and standards.
Teramind Dashboard

Peace of mind install

Ensure secure and compliant Teramind deployment with our tailored installation solutions, designed to mitigate cybersecurity risks while accommodating your business's unique requirements. Recognizing the complexity of local installations, we simplify the process, providing peace of mind. Our service extends beyond setup, offering ongoing consultation and training to maximize the platform's effectiveness and ensure your data remains protected.

Server Installation & Management

Maximize security and efficiency with our Teramind deployment services, customized for any setup. Our expert team ensures your systems are optimized, secure, and perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

Guided Setup & User Training

Smoothly transition to Teramind with our comprehensive setup and training programs. We empower your team with the knowledge needed to enhance productivity and maintain security.

Custom Reporting and Alerts

Benefit from customized reports delivering critical insights and immediate alerts on potential threats, keeping your operations proactive.

Mass Agent Installation & Agent Updating

Our efficient installation and updating processes ensure your devices are always up-to-date with the latest security measures, minimizing workflow disruption.

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